Data Visualization of NewYork Airbnb dataset using Tableau

Mukund Rastogi
4 min readJun 26, 2021
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In this article, I will discuss the findings of New York city Airbnb data with the help of Tableau. I want to describe the results that I had observed during visualization so that you can make a decision based on my observations.

Airbnb is a home-sharing platform that allows homeowners and renters (‘hosts’) to put their properties (‘listings’) online so that guests can pay to stay in them. Hosts are expected to set their own prices for their listings. Although Airbnb and other sites provide some general guidance, there are currently no free and accurate services that help hosts price their properties using a wide range of data points.

Let’s start with visualization..

The above chart shows the top 10 neighborhoods based on the average per night price off Airbnb in ascending order. I had created a filter where you can select parameters like per night price, availability, minimum nights, etc and you can also select how much data you want to show.

You can sort the neighborhood group by different parameters which are mentioned in the table. I can also observe that Manhattan is the most expensive neighborhood group in New York because of Avg. per night price is very high and the availability of Airbnb is very less.

This chart describes that in which neighborhood group, you had to stay for more minimum nights. You can see that in the Bronx, you can stay for a minimum of 4 nights, which is very less and in Manhattan, you have to stay for a minimum of 8 nights, which is the maximum among all the neighborhood groups.

You can observe Airbnb whose Reviews are greater than given reviews. You have to choose no of reviews through the slider on the right side of the chart and select the parameter like neighborhood group, neighborhood, etc. You can also observe that there are only three neighborhood groups that got reviews of more than 450.

This is a calendar chart in which we can demonstrate which day is the busiest day of Airbnb in New York City. You can select the month and year from the right side month picker according to your need. I can also come to the conclusion that 11th Dec 2015 is the busiest day for Airbnb. Darker the color, busier the day.

In which month, Airbnb got more reviews? This chart shows the answer to this question. You can observe that very few people visited the Bronx and Staten Island while Brooklyn and Manhattan is the busiest neighborhood group. In June, most of the tourists visited New York City.

This chart represents the top 10 hostnames(owner of Airbnb) who got the highest number of reviews per month. You can also select the no of hosts you want to analyze from the slider on the right side. Color represents the average availability of Airbnb. Darker the color, the higher the availability.


I had shown some of the important questions which are coming to my mind through graphs. This is my first data visualization project in Tableau. So please appreciate my efforts and give me some suggestions to improve this.

Thanks for giving your time to read this blog.



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