Resolving Errors while installation of Apache Superset

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In my previous article, I had shown you how to install and configure Apache Superset on a Linux machine. Now, in this article, I will share some of the common errors which I faced while installation. Also, I will explain how to resolve those errors in a very effective way.

Let’s start with errors

Error doesn’t mean it’s impossible

Error 1: unable to acquire the lock, another process using it.

While installing python3.7 in the terminal, I am getting this error. Because some other process holds the lock and required resources are unable to fetch.

Solution: First, we have to find which process holds the lock. The below command is used to fetch the details of the process which holds the lock. Note down PID of all the processes.

Once, you note down all the PID’s from the above command, kill all the processes by their PID. After that delete the lock-frontend file through the below command and force package reconfiguration.

Error 2: Python version issue

I had previously discussed that Apache superset only supports python 3.7 or greater, but I have two versions of python(3.6,3.7) on my linux machine. So I have to make default python3 as Python3.7. So following commands help me to do so. I had just created alternatives to the python version and choose the right version for your need.

Error 3: Cache entry deserialization failed, entry ignored.

This error occurred because we have already downloaded the packages before and these are stored in the cache. So it prevents reinstalling the packages of different versions.

Solution: you just need to delete the cache from the system.

Error 4: showing error while installing wheel for python-geohash.

When I am installing the Apache Superset, this error occurred. It notifies that unable to install wheel for python-geohash.

Solution: first, we need to install python3.7-dev package and then install python-geohash.

Error 5: user already exists admin.

This error showed when username already exists or you don’t have created Admin user.

Solution: you have to create a username as “Admin” instead of “admin”, after that everything is ok.

Error 6: version issue in installing psycopg2 required for PostgreSQL.

Solution: you just follow below command to install this successfully

Error 7: version issues while installing Apache Superset.

You can see in below screenshot, there is some incompatibility issue due to different versions. So I need to install specific compatible version.

Solution: you have to follow below steps to remove this error

Conclusion: These are the errors which I had faced during installation of Apache Superset. Errors depend on linux system as well. There is a way to resolve each and every errors, so don’t give up and keep exploring.

Thank you so much for reading till end. You can share your errors in comment. I will do my best to solve your issues.

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